Sunday, December 25, 2011

NOTD - Sally Hansen Salon Effects in Girl Power

Pfffft I say to Christmas themed nails. They are all cool whites and reds and kitschy green. It's summer, dangnabbit, and even though Sydney's forecast of rain and clouds don't agree, I at least want to pretend it's fresh and sunny out.

Voila my cure

That's why I've popped on Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips in their gorgeous Girl Flower print. Pretty pinks, minty greens, powder blue and magenta collide in this pattern. It's like a field of friendly wild flowers on my fingertips, and I can't help but smile every time I sneak a glance at them.

SH strips have been good to me, they last at least a week, and I've had no problems applying them despite being a massive klutz with zero hand-eye coordination.

Hope you're having a super holiday! xo Michaela

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Redken Nature Rescue Refining Sea Polish review

Sometimes I feel like there's nothing better than a good, grainy exfoliation. To slough off those rough elbow and knees, to prepare your skin for a super even and smooth tan, and to make my face glow. I especially love full body scrubs being massaged in by Ryan Gosling and Jason Segal. Well, I'm sure I'll love it when my boyfriend gets this for me for Christmas. Right, babe?

Sexy scrub tag-teaming beside, one thing I've never scrubbed is my hair. Hair scrub sounds weird and like it would beat the everloving shiz out of your cuticles. Given that my hair is a dry, frizzy mess at best, I was more than apprehensive to try out Redken's terrifying Refining Sea Polish. A polish Yeah, just doesn't sound right.


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Smith Street Market Body Lotions & Body Wash Review

So does this packaging look familiar to you? Black lowercase text, cute story, bright content and sweet scents? I'm always a little resentful of copycat shenanigans trying to Jedi mind-trick me into buying the wrong brand, but in this case it worked. I nabbed three of these Smith Street Market body products at Coles while buying yogurt on my lunch-break, no doubt attracted by the philosophy inspired packaging, but also the crazy delicious sounding scents. Chocolate-bullets? Milk bottles? So there, a trillion times over.

The little house boxes are pretty cute and would make a sweet gift for friend. I picked up body washes in musk sticks, milk bottles, choc bullets and pineapple. I also got the body lotion in choc bullets.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Biotherm Biosource Self-Foaming Cleansing Water - review

Confession time! I haven't used a pump 'n' foam style cleanser since my mother, the Nutrimetics obsessive gifted me six of theirs, all in tween friendly flavours like melon/cucumber, papaya, green tea and my favourite, fruity fig.

I enjoyed them (mostly for the sugar-pumped scents), but after two years getting through them, I moved on to creamier pastures and left foaming fields behind.

Enter Biotherm! The brand has had some real winners with me. I've loved their Aquasource range for my boyfriend, their BB cream and their primers, and coupled with a price-drop, they've moved in my list of trusted products.

Figuring it deserves at least a test run, I picked up their Biosource Self-Foaming Cleansing Water for a spin.