Sunday, July 31, 2011

Burberry Body - new fragrance review

By now, y’all would have seen Burberry’s ads for their newest fragrance, Burberry Body. Fronted by bodalicious Victoria’s Secret Angel and Transformers, ahem, ‘actress’ Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, clad in nothing but the iconic beige trench coat and I can only assume, a metric shit-ton of Hollywood Tape.

Victoria's Secret Model, or public park flasher?

Burberry hasn’t yet released the frag’s notes, or bottle design, but having got my little paws on a bottle, I can say that it would wear well with that trench coat, both being very beige and very trendy.

I'm getting sleepy just looking at the damn thing

Like most scents the last two or three years, Body (doesn’t even name make you yawn? It just sounds so supermarket body spray!) focuses on ripe and juicy fruits floating over a warm and sweet musky base. No animalistic growling musk here, more like those pink musk lolly sticks.