Redken Nature Rescue Refining Sea Polish review

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Sometimes I feel like there's nothing better than a good, grainy exfoliation. To slough off those rough elbow and knees, to prepare your skin for a super even and smooth tan, and to make my face glow. I especially love full body scrubs being massaged in by Ryan Gosling and Jason Segal. Well, I'm sure I'll love it when my boyfriend gets this for me for Christmas. Right, babe?

Sexy scrub tag-teaming beside, one thing I've never scrubbed is my hair. Hair scrub sounds weird and like it would beat the everloving shiz out of your cuticles. Given that my hair is a dry, frizzy mess at best, I was more than apprehensive to try out Redken's terrifying Refining Sea Polish. A polish Yeah, just doesn't sound right.



According to the blurb on the tube it's a "gentle exfoliant, enriched with pumice, removes impurities and refines the hair's surface leaving it smooth and shiny". You smoosh it on after shampooing, massaging in through your hair, down to the ends, and on the scalp in small circular motions. I can understand using it on your scalp to remove dry patches and relieve product build-up, but on my actual hair? I was not looking forward to what I assumed would be a resulting cluster-frick of frizz and split ends.

This is the point where I admit that I was wrong, my assumptions were wrong, and Redken is right. ARE YOU HAPPY NOW REDKEN?!

The polish is awesome. I rubbed it in, rinsed then conditioned (it didn't feel rich or creamy enough to moisturise on its lonesome). It pretty much looks like a thin conditioner with little grainy bits, not has spherical as the ones you'd find in a decent physical facial exfoliator, but a bit rougher around the edges. Um, yep just like pumice. Just like the tube said.

I had to add water to my head a few times to help it spread around, as it didn't foam up too well by itself. It felt brilliant to rub in, and it felt like I was getting rid of some dry scalp flakies in the processs.

After drying, my hair felt lighter like I'd used my regular deep cleansing treatment, but it also looked smoother and shinier. I will keep using this product maybe every four or five washes, and hopefully will keep seeing results. It's paraben and silicone free, and is meant to be used along with Redken's Nature Rescue Refreshing Detox Shampoo and Deep Cooling Conditioner (which I actually am having a friend test out later), and for styling, the Radiant Sea Spray.

As I got this from a work sale (whoo!) I haven't seen this on shelf yet, but it's available online from Ulta and Amazon and all kinds of fun websites inaccessible to Aussies. I'll update when I find out!

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