Biotherm Biosource Self-Foaming Cleansing Water - review

5:17 AM

Confession time! I haven't used a pump 'n' foam style cleanser since my mother, the Nutrimetics obsessive gifted me six of theirs, all in tween friendly flavours like melon/cucumber, papaya, green tea and my favourite, fruity fig.

I enjoyed them (mostly for the sugar-pumped scents), but after two years getting through them, I moved on to creamier pastures and left foaming fields behind.

Enter Biotherm! The brand has had some real winners with me. I've loved their Aquasource range for my boyfriend, their BB cream and their primers, and coupled with a price-drop, they've moved in my list of trusted products.

Figuring it deserves at least a test run, I picked up their Biosource Self-Foaming Cleansing Water for a spin.


The packaging is neat and practical, no air gets in, and with other foaming products that expand, you tend to get more product for your buck.The scent is just clean and fresh, I hardly noticed it and could even call it unscented.

The foam is quite rich and thicker than I expected, with two pumps covered my face and neck nicely. Skin was left feeling refreshed and clean, but not dry or with that horrible tightness. It's not cut out for removing make-up, so I use my shu uemura oil beforehand. I've been using it nightly for about three weeks now, and no complaints, no break-outs, but not visible improvement or 'brightening' of my skin tone and texture.

I'd recommend for someone with no constant skin issues, and while I'm not yet sold on a repurchase, I'll keep using throughout summer and consider it then.

You can pick it up from Biotherm counters for $39.

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