Redken Extreme CAT Protein Reconstructing Treatment review

10:39 AM

I have fluffy, dry, fly-away fatty boombah hair. It needs serums, constant conditioning, masque-ing and little murmurs of what a clever and pretty head of hair it is to stop it chucking tantys and frizzing all over the place just when I'm having that one Facebook group photo taken that everyone decided to use as a profile pic. Oh the sticky shame.

So I was indeed chuffed when I blindly tested Redken's Extreme CAT Protein Reconstructing Treatment For Distressed Hair, and it not only made my mane feel strong and shiny and all ra-ra go team, but also de-puffed it. TOTAL BONUS!

Enter the CAT.
You called?
Sorry, let's try that again.


That's more like it

I sprayed the treatment through my towel-dried hair, post-shampoo, but pre-conditioner, concentrating on the ends. The label instructs to leave it on for 3-5 minutes, then I rinsed and conditioned. Ta da! I could feel a difference in the strands feeling less dry and it had a noticeable shine as well as being left soft instead of its usual extra-crispy. 
My hair is long, so I think I would use more than the average person. The bottle above have been used twice and is already maybe a fifth empty.

I wouldn't use it every wash, maybe every 2 weeks, as it's a protein treatment and too much of this particular good thing can cause havoc on healthy hair. 
Got it from Hairhouse Warehouse for the RRP of $29, but have seen it popping up online for $22-23.
I think it was a worthwhile purchase, so I give it 4 out of 5 pussies.
Yay cat!

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