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One day I'll woman up, and admit this is actually a perfume blog, with a weenie amount of other products chucked in. Until then I guess I'll soldier on with my normal stuff. Oh hey look, another perfume review!
“The inspiration for this collection comes from the work I did a few months ago for the band OK GO!. Four sartorial outfits, each of them in a different primary color, creating a look that is minimal and pop at the same time. They were very successful and I found them exciting. This collection is pop chic: my shapes and fabrics are presented in very unexpected chromatisms, separated in blocks of strong colored outfits. More than ever this season has a sartorial feel, while remaining cool”. - Ennio Capasa, Costume National.

I really wanted to try Costume National's new Pop simply for its association with OK GO!. They're I pretty fun band that I listened to waaaaay back in 2003/4 thanks to one of their tracks appearing on The O.C. More recently, they've become well known for their fun video clips, like the one with the theadmills and more recently, their trippy re-imagining of The Muppets Theme. 

When we had a bottle called in for a shoot, I couldn't resist a sniff or four.

The box
The first thing I have to say about the Pop Collection is that it is fun like a mofo! The concept of not knowing what bottle colour you'll end up with is cute (the juice is the same in all four), and the vivid brights of the 100 ml bottles is seriously adorbs. I got the red bottle, which has a high-gloss finish, but the turquoise looks lovely too. They also come in orange and blue. It's overcast in Sydney today, but looking at the bright red bottle at my desk makes me think of summer on the beach. The bottle feels solid and steady in my hand, while the curved shape site snugly in my palm (good to prevents tears when I drop it). Pop is a great name for this design - it jumps out at me from my frag-robe.

So shiny!
On to the actual scent! It's not unique in any sense -a fruity sugar-fest, but scents like that do tend to work well on counter, and the ingredients seem to be decent and true fruits, rather than headache-inducing synthetics. On first sniff I got a huge nose of blackcurrant - like the jammy kind, not Ribena - and a sweet citrus. It's very fruity for an hour, but the sweetness mellows out to a smooth, rich tartness, with a backdrop of gentle musk and something that reminded me of passion-fruit vines minus their fruits. While the notes list florals like jasmine and rose, they never showed up on my skin, but when tested on paper, I did get a bit of white floral which I thought was lily of the valley, but perhaps was the belated jasmine. It lasted about six hours on me, and got a thumbs up from the office.

The curved bottle
While I won't get a bottle for myself, I'd recommend it for those who like their berry scents and want something new for summer. I think the bottle is gorgeous and a great example of something a little different without compromising on functionality.

So far I've only seen it at Luckyscent for US$100 (100ml). Notes are pink grapefruit, raspberry pulp, blackcurrant absolute, rose, jasmine, patchouli, ambre gris and cashmeran (sic).

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17 brilliant comments

  1. Sounds really good, I like some fruity ones for summer :)
    Would love to read more of your perfume reviews! x

  2. Thanks, Su! I normally steer clear of fruit, but this was really appealling, glad I tried it.


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