Thursday, November 10, 2011

Carmex Moisture Plus Ultra Hydrating Lip Balm review

So, who here still uses Carmex? I remember the little yellow tubs being a staple at high school among my friends, but the tingly feeling upon application was all a bit too much for my sensitive lips (yes, I'm a bit of a delicate petal).

Fast forward to 2011, and we have a new, sexy Carmex, one that comes in a sleek little tube and promises a "clear satin gloss finish". As well as the new packaging, it has been reformulated with shea butter, vitamin E and aloe. It also has SPF 15, which is a total must for my daytime balms, and smells a wee bit like vanilla. It has also toned down the tingle, which means I can use it without my face falling off.

The media release for the balm describes it as "wonderfully moist", which creeps me out more than anything, moist being one of my icky-to-hear-words. Not tempting sounding at all.

That said, it is rather m-word, and does a decent job keeping my lips slightly sheeny and moisturised. I'll happily keep using it.

This tube is $8.99 and lurking around in Coles and pharmacies. Like 10of these were sent to my work, unsolicited.


  1. I must admit I never hopped on the Carmex bandwagon at school. I've heard quite a few good things about this product though.

  2. I've been using it the last few days and like it more and more. Def a step up from the traditional Carmex.


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