Biotherm BB Cream White D-Tox review

5:02 AM

HELLO LADY!!! It has been SOOOO long! I lurve what you've done with your hair/lips/lashes/nose/nails/Medusa-like nest of snakes. I know I promised to talk sooner, but I was like moving house, well teeny studio apartment really, and I technically have no internet outside of work because phones lines and blaaaah, so I'm now being all crafty-like at Starbucks and nursing an Americano for 4 hours to get my precious cat video fix. Ok, and looking at Karlie Kloss's nudie Vogue Italia photos wistfully, then closing my laptop whenever someone walks by because they might think I'm a skeezy peeve.
And now beauty blogging again too. Cat videos are only slightly above blogging in my Squeeworthy Scale of Excellence.
So anyways, here's my first try of one of those newfangled BB creams all you kids are speeding around in these days. Alas, to the band wagon, I am tardy once again. Nevertheless, I shall press on!

I've enjoyed using previous Biotherm products, with their pink-toned brightening primer in my currenty rotation. I picked up their BB Cream White D-Tox, along with a foaming cleanser (review to follow) and have worn it to work every day for the last two weeks. In short. - I love it.
Like a souped-up tinted moisturiser, it is super light in both consistancy and shade (perfect for a palie like me, but maybe no good for anyone who's ever seen even a picture of the sun). It absorbs in nicely and leaves my skin feeling soft and natural. It also has SPF 25, which is just tops for that pale and sun-prone problem.
The box on the left shows the cream patted in, on the right is me tipping way too much out!
I've used it over my regular routine - serum, eye cream and day moisturiser - and it's melted in well, not werid product rolly bits or streaks.
The little tube is very neat and make-up bag friendly, although the product does come out a bit too quickly and it took me a few goes to get the right amount out.
All my ladies who like more coverage, this one isn't likely to be for you as it's very sheer. I have quite blemish-free skin (you jelly?), so something like this which provides a light veil and uniforms my skin tone is exactly what I look for in work day mug spackle.
As for the whitening/brightening claims? I'm really no help here. If I move from rice-white to fax paper-white, you'll be the first to know (and point, and laugh. God, I don't even know why I hang out with you. Meanie!)

This success is a giant tick in the BB Cream column, and I'll be wafting around like a nosy smell looking for my next fix o' tint. Any BB brand suggestions?

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16 brilliant comments

  1. Hahahaha oh my god, the amount you have on the right in your photo would do half a body. It could do both legs. Hahaha. You make me laugh!

  2. Does it come in any other (slightly darker) shades for non-English roses?


  3. Kimmi: Ah shush you! I got a wee bit over excited squeezing it out, and ending up coving my face, the boyfriend's face and my lower arms.

    Hi Karla! No other shades are available in Aust. yet, but it would still be great as a primer or base under foundation or powder if you're darker.


  4. It looks like a cake of soap!!!

  5. @Karina Oh my gosh, it so does. It's a cute lil bottle :)


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