shu uemura rouge unlimited lipstick in 'glitter fuse'

2:47 PM

This rouge unlimited lipstick is so meta. It comes from shu uemura's limited edition make-up range, 'rouge et bleu', which was inspired by director Wong Kar Wai, who was inspired by his short film, 'Mask', which in turn was inspired by a poem by Charles Bukowski, from his collection 'Burning in Water, Drowning in Flame'. So what kind of lipstick does positively a metric shit-ton of inspiration produce? A really, reeeeally shimmery one.

While the name 'glitter fuse' really should have given me some warning, I was still surprised at how much shimmer it had, but without a true depth of colour. It's the kind of glitter you could wear during the day, with the neutral peachy/beige shade toning the magpie shine factor down to daylight acceptable levels. The shimmer was more of a rose gold, and was much more obvious on my lips than wrist.

My favourite part, aside from the Inception style poem inside a film inside a lipstick fuckery, is the gorgeous imagery used on the packing. The snapshot of bejeweled nails and rose lips really pretties up the otherwise plain clear plastic tube. I have one of the palettes from the same collection that I'm planning on blogging about later and it is just amazeballs. Seriously pretty stuff. There is a whole bunch of lips, lashes, cheeks and nail colour products in the collection, as well as a version of my beloved cleansing oil.

I picked these lovelies up from a neighbouring office's beauty sale, but you can get them exclusively from David Jones counter from November 7th for $52.

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14 brilliant comments

  1. Pretty, very damn pretty that colour. Bit pricey, perhaps if I were drunk...

    1. I find I do most my best shopping drunk and online. Then when I get to guess what exactly I was drinking when they arrive.

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