RIP Santal Blush

12:00 PM

I've been called overly dramatic before, mostly by my parents. And boyfriends. And teachers. But I don't think they really know what they are talking about, as some circumstances practically demand drama and maybe a teeny bit of veering-on-hysterical sobbing. 

Yep, something like this

Say, if I happened to be cleaning (not by choice) and say I happened to knock ever so gently with my shoulder my maybe slightly overloaded perfume shelf. And maybe my brand spanking new bottle of Tom Ford Private Blend Santal Blush slipped off and smacked my side cupboard and then my foot? I might have ended up with something like this...

Le front

Le crack

And maybe I totally lost it and my boyfriend had to go all Bondi Rescue on the crushed remains of my soul and funnel the remaining 20mls of liquid gold into an old Demeter bottle, while I teared up in the corner?

Well, that all happened this morning and now I have a jagged hole in my heart just about the size of the crack in the corner of my beloved Santal Blush. Call me dramatic,call it a first world problem, but crying over split perfume made me feel a little better, and helped me deal with the early passing of my small, beautifully smelling, rectangular glass child. RIP Santal Blush, may your cumin-y goodness live on in our hearts. And also on in an old Demeter Laundromat bottle. With the TF lid.

Good as new!

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7 brilliant comments

  1. What a harrowing tale, glad you managed to rescue some of it! :)

  2. It was truly tragic. My boyfriend now also knows that perfume wears the pants in our relationship.

  3. i'm glad you managed to savage some liquid! i'd be absolutely devastated if i broke anything. now i'm just curious as to how it smells!


  4. It smells almost the same, Sophia! Just a teeny hint of soap from the Demeter bottle. I can think about it too much, otherwise I'll start crying again.


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