New Nine West perfume has appropriate bottle

12:03 PM

How fun is this bottle? I love the heel accent and how they didn't go too kitschy, with a shoe shaped bottle like Anna Dello Russo's namesake.

It's subtle, just like her

The name, Love Fury, is a little random though. What a wasted opportunity for a pun involving soles or heels (HeelScent!) Shame.

I'm also not that interested in the notes, which read like an everyday celeb collaboration - rose bud,mimosa petals absolute,juicy mandarin, red berries pulp, tiare flower, jasmine sambac, sandalwood,orris flower, sensual musk, precious wood and "addictive amber". So a tropical flowers and citrus mash-up, with a soft musky finish? Sigh. Wouldn't a shoe-inspired fragrance be much more interesting? How about a glossy pump scent? Shiny patent leather, a little rubber to toughen it up, some smoky ash and hell, a bubblegum accord (she didn't look out walking down George St). Or maybe a scuffed riding boot with worn, warm leather, fresh hay and a just-rained note. They could have had so much fun with this. Maybe next time.

Of course there will be a shoe tie-in, with a pointed platform called the Love Fury Pump available in a number for colours and coming out January 2012 alongside the scent.

No sure if this will be an Australian release, but I'll see if I can at least try the cheaper rollerball version when I order my next lot of shoes from the US Nine West (who I love for carrying size 11).

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