Madly Kenzo - fragrance review

12:44 PM

I'm a Kenzo fan girl. Kenzo Flower is the white button-up shirt of my perfume wardrobe, Jungle L'Elephant is on my to-buy list, his Yuzu and Plum Blossum soliflores are fixtures and UFO (Unidentified Fragrance Object) is as gorgeous as it was rare (marble accord! Only 1000 bottles made!)

So when I saw the new Madly Kenzo's pretty, bright and butterfly-y box, I was on it like a seagull on a hot chip, desperate to smear it all over myself, similar to seagull upon receiving their hot chip. Sadly it wasn't to be, and Madly Kenzo will not be my salted, greasy summer lover.

Cool box = cool perfume? Nope!

The bottle is very safe and quite undistinguished, with its clear, slightly purplish glass and rippled twist. It doesn't create that instant feeling of 'WANT!' that at least a third of my collection is based on.
Fine, a boring bottle isn't a deal-breaker. That honor is taken by the even more snore-inducing juice. I really don't have too many thoughts on it at all, other than it's just so faceless and bland. Upon sniffing, I get a light, slightly soapy orange blossom over a generic 'summer blossom', which quickly retreats into a flat musk. I tried it both on card and on my boyfriend's and my own wrist, and every time, a bit of laundry powder accord hits, then poof! Nada!
 It's a little sad, because without a strong design or memorable fragrance, I can see Madly Kenzo quietly slinking off to the discount retailers by the end of the year.

I still have faith in the house noses and will look out for the next Kenzo release, but Madly Kenzo is not for me, or anyone slightly adventurous in their scent choices. 

Official notes are orange blossom, pink pepper, incense, heliotrope, rose, vanilla, Virginia cedar and musk.

I reviewed this from a sample vial included with an order from Sephora and judged to bottle solely on its appearance in David Jones.

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12 brilliant comments

  1. It didn't really do anything for me either. The great fragrances that are coming out so far are probably - the new Michael Kors, DKNY Golden Delicious and Taylor Swift ... just cos I like her. x

  2. Shhh, I'm a closet Taylor Swift fan and therefore will be all over Wonderstruck. I think the Dita von Teese has potential too, she's said some interesting things about perfume before.

  3. No, haven't tried won't bother. Dita von Teese. Now that will be interesting. Let me know about that one, please. Thank you for your post. Great blog! x

  4. Will post on Dita as soon as I get my paws on it, I'm hoping for something other than a fruity-floral! Thanks for checking out my post!

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