Le Tan Daily Face Sheer Tint

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Hey, you guys! It was WARM this weekend. I saw the sun! It was shiny and yellow and ever so welcome. Now that I've had this teeny glimpse of all the sunshine and happiness and lollipops that summer brings, there's no way I'm going back to anything dreary and cold and wintery. I've space-bagged my coats (7 to one bag, new record!) and top-shelfed my pale powders and heavy full-coverage foundations. I'm going to be one of those flirty, fun summer girls, with my hair in stylishly unkempt curls, in a flippy dress,with my beachy glow echoing my carefree nature.

Or maybe I'm going to spend all summer at my desk and then visiting family in Adelaide. While being pale and very much full of cares. At least I can switch to a sheer tinted moisturiser (with the all important SPF 30+) for that natural, cbf'd face, right?

This is Le Tan's Daily Face Sheer Tint, a tinted moisturising face sunscreen. I haven't ever used anything from Le Tan outside of their Tan in a Can which I have a love/hate relationship with (my aim with aerosol is NOT excellent).

When I squeezed it out of the tube, the colour looked way to dark for me. I'm used to being cut out of many brands due to a limited range of shades in foundations and tints,so I wasn't that surprised.

However, the cream blended really well and only left a sheer wash of colour, so little that it easily passes for unmade-up skin (which, depending on your perspective, can be good or bad).

Due to its transparency, I wouldn't recommend Daily Face as a good products for those with redness, blemishes or unevenness as there is minimal coverage. I will use it as a casual weekend moisturiser for when I only need a hint of colour and sun protection. I suspect it will also get a possie in my beach bag.

I didn't use a primer beneath (although I did pop on some of Jurlique's Herbal Recovery Gel) and it wore well for the 6 hours I had it on. It's a fairly light cream, and the 75ml tube is a decent size for a face product.

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