Happy Halloween!

2:54 PM

Just had to share a pic of the crazy feather lashes I wore with my Halloween costume on Saturday. They were $4 (yeah I know) from the Japanese beauty shop around the corner from work and I attached them with MAC Duo adhesive. 

I ended up chopping them in half because they were so full on and just used them on the upper outside corners. They were so fricking long!

I dressed up as a (sexy) leopard, with top and skirt from Cotton On's $5 rack during my lunch break, maybe the quickest costume I could pull together!

I'm spending Halloween night trawling beauty blogs and maybe watching Paranormal Activity later on (I'm a huge sook, so I might not make it through!). Hope you're having a very spooky night!
Also this gif scared the teeth out of me when I flicked across it in my pictures folder. You can click to check it out. Eeeek!

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13 brilliant comments

  1. Woah, these are intense. In a cool way. I didn't know people did Halloween in Australia...

    So happy to have stumbled across your blog! Your writing is really warm, made me smile!

    - Catherine @ The Spring (in Brisbane)


  2. Thanks! Yeah the lashes were so full on, but I kinda missed them once I took them off. My eyes felt so naked!

    Glad you enjoyed the post. Just checked out your blog, and I think I'll be making that cheesecake!

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