Gorilla Perfume's Dirty is surprisingly clean-smelling

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I showed my boyfriend my blog this morning (which may have been a mistake HI BABE!) and he wanted to know why I haven't written more about the products that I force onto him weekly. So here's the now not so new range of Dirty products from Gorilla Perfume at Lush that Boyfriend has been using for a month or so now.

All products are unisex, but have maybe a more masculine slant in their packaging and obviously in their shaving cream concept.

They are designed to be used in succession, with the individual product scent layering the create the Dirty fragrance (also sold in solid fragrance form). Separately, the scents aren't as strong as regular Lush products, and will sit comfortably under a true perfume.

I've enjoyed using the Body Spray as an after gym refresher so I don't smell on the bus ride home to wash at home, or as a nice air pong defuser as our apartment tends to get a little musty. Boyfriend has been using it in the morning in place of a regular cologne. The label recommends using it as 'an Italian shower' - that is, to spray allover instead of an actual shower. Not too sure I like smelly guys being actively encouraged to skip their morning shower though!

It is a very clean, sports inspired fragrance, bright citrus with a hint of mint and herbal grass. Totally inoffensive and not at all cheap smelling like other lower priced sprays.

Boyfriend normally uses a Nivea or Gillette shaving foam, so the Shaving Cream was a little different for him. He's reported that it smooths on well, if not a little thick so he has to rinse the razor after every pass.

His skin is quite sensitive, but hasn't had any reaction or broken out. I also think there has been a significant reduction in the dryness and irritation seen on his skin, but this could also be attributed to the introduction of a serum to his routine. It's a light lavender and sandalwood scent.

Boyfriend has also added the Hair Styling Cream to his daily routine and reports that it's "good" and "it works". Man of many words, Boyfriend.  The oakmoss, sandalwood and neroli scent really revs up a neck-nuzzling session. He hasn't switched to one of the many other hair styling products we have floating around our tiny studio, so I'm putting this as a win for Lush. 

I'm more than tempted to leave these suspicious tabs as argument bait around my parent's house...
I found the Toothy Tabs to be an interesting, but still unappealing idea - little pellets of dried toothpaste that you lather up and brush with. The cardboard box is meant to reduce waste as it is recyclable. I would take these camping maybe,but wouldn't use them at home as I've just realised I'm more of a toothpaste traditionalist and surprisingly picky about what I put in my mouth (Boyfriend Ed. That's what SHE said. BOOM!).

The Spring Wash Shower Gel isn't pictured because we used to all up! Spearminty, lemon thymey and a teeny bit salty, it's a swell morning shower gel that really peps you up.

Dirty Body Wash (from $8.95), Dirty Hair Styling Cream ($11.50), Dirty Toothy Tabs ($3.95), Dirty Body Spray ($19.95) and Dirty Shaving Cream ($9.95) are all available at Lush stores now.

Also because I know Boyfriend will being reading this, here's a little Gorilla inspired extra for him.
You're welcome!

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15 brilliant comments

  1. Ha just found this page after reading your 2013 resolutions. We're also fans of the Dirty range in this (also musty) little cottage. I've converted my brother to the range and made sure to include a mini bottle of the Dirty body wash in my dad's Xmas stocking (a mini garbage bin from Smiggle this year) which he became quite possessive of. Currently trying to get Lush to open a store in Coffs so I don't have to mail order anymore. We power through our Lush goodies so if you know anyone in Lush's property management department... you know what to do *nose tap, nose tap*. Getting a Coffs Lush is one of my 2013 todos.

    Also the toothy tabs are good, but you need use two of them at a time. I find I don't get furry mouth at all when using them in comparison to normal toothpaste, BUT spitting out the little bits of tablet after using them kind of ruins the effect.

  2. I'll mention the Coff's non-store when I next see the LUSH PR peeps!
    Um I just went looking for these toothy tabs, because I ended up with about 6 more boxes somehow and had stashed them together (new ones tasted like ashtrays and cloves D:). Soooo, turns out they can grow mold. Like a lot of mold. Gross. I think I'm put off ever trying them again!

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