Douglas Hannant de Robert Piguet - perfume review

11:24 AM

Robert Piguet hasn't produced a new fragrance in forever, so I was stoked to see a bottle of Douglas Hannant de Robert Piguet materialise on my coworker's desk. As it's produced with Douglas Hannant, go to designer for classic gowns and debutante wear for trust fund babies, and a brand that just barely registers with me, I was predicting something safe and likable, but hoping they would avoid the fruity-floral trap. RP has produced some stellar frags, the most prominent being Fracas, which I always found a little too old to wear myself, but lovely on paper, with Bandit's spicy leather taking preference in wrist wear.

Keeping this in mind, I wasn't surprised when I sprayed DH de RP to find the lighter and calmer little sister to Fracas (no fruit,thank fuck!). The notes of tuberose are there, but more sharp than creamy, sheer than strong and sexy. My lover, gardenia, doesn't really bring it, giving me only a lick of tropical spaces, which is at least better then the nana's drawer liners route it could have chosen. I also got the teeniest whiff of jasmine, but only just. A soap note (most likely the toned down orange blossom) kicks in after a few minutes, turning it into a very clean and quiet light white floral scent for the rest of its journey.

I think DH de RP is great for the office, as a clean-feeling scent that's a nice alternative to all the citruses you might reach for when you want to feel fresh. It's not a sexy scent all, but sometimes I just like to wear something more comfortable that I don't have to constantly think about, like switching the thigh-highs for leggings. I can't imagine it ever offending. I'll wear it in rotation with Ester Lauder Pleasures Bloom, Vera Wang Anniversary and Narciso Rodriguez Essence Eau de Musc on those days when I'm running late and need to spritz something that won't distract.

The bottle is black with a white label, glossy sheen and is super plain. Despite the lack of lust-worthy packaging, I kinda like its blahness, especially in comparison to the frou-frou flagons of late. It's what's inside that counts, right? It has a good heavy weight that feels comfortable in my palm. The pic shows a thread wrapped around the bottle neck, but mine came without. 

Douglas Hannant de Robert Piguet notes are orange blossom,pear, gardenia, tuberose, jasmine, sandalwood and musk. I was given my bottle by a coworker who was sent it, so I have no idea how much it's selling for and Google won't tell me wear to buy it from. I'm very helpful, I know.

EDIT: Spotted in the wild at Libertine Parfumerie. $150/50ml or $230/100ml 

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