Sunday, October 16, 2011

Derma Intensive+ Q10 Firming Body Lotion

Coles supermarkets have nicked the popular UK line Derma Intensive+ from Tesco's for their own shelves, along with the very attractive price range, starting from $4.99. The Q10 firming body lotion is now being stocked at Coles, in 250ml and 500ml.

I'm not too sold on the packaging (too much small text, too many fonts, blah colour scheme, extra apostrophe), but it would be recognisable to any Brits cruising down the personal care aisle. While the sterile bottle isn't giving me lust-have shivers, the 500ml's pump is very practical and hygienic. 

The lotion is Yoplait-runny, def not a creme or body butter. It has that 'vitamins!' scent a lot of otherwise unscented products have, and reminds me of the St Ives Collagen Elastin lotion. It feels great to rub in - not to oily, but not too thick that it leaves a greasy film on my shins. It absorbs almost instantly, and my skin was still moisturised the morning after using it.

As for the Q10, firming, ivy extract, D-panthenol, vitamin E and extract of horse chestnut claims, I have no idea. My skin didn't feel firmer or more vitamised or anti-age-y (those are all totally real words), but on the plus side, my arms didn't melt off either. Win-win?

It's a super cheap option for those who like unscented lotion with promises of firming and whatnot and is just as good as any other supermarket or chemist line. One pump also goes a huge way.

You can find it in Coles from $4.99 for the 250ml.

Disclosure - I was given this product at a PR lunch. I then tested it then passed it on to a fellow dry-skinned coworker.

Somewhat related -  a few months ago I got one of those red Coles hands from the most annoying ad ever. And a brunette wig. Drawn-on eyeliner brow shenanigans ensured.

Down, down indeed

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