America's Next Top Model announces fragrance, sadly doesn't name it 'Smize', 'Patently Gauche' or 'Noted Fashion Perfume, Nigel Barker'

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In the interest of full disclosure, I have to say that I love love LOVE America's Next Top Model. I love how it went from a half-way focused model search, to baiting clashing personalities against each other while covering them in bees, to where it is today as a glorious search for Tyra's Next Top Tyra in Cycle 17's All-Stars.


It is camp, and shameless, and like most my favourite reality shows,just plain cruel, egotistical nonsense.

I like how they set the poor girls up to fail

So I was super amused when I found out there will be an ANTM branded perfume, to be sold at US Targets, and hopefully online.

Yay like it's a bacon sandwich

The bottle is meh, and the name 'Dream Come True' is so lackluster, for such an over-the-top show. With all the gems that fall from Tyra's mouth, either she, Andre Leon Talley, or even former contestant and America's Next Top Best Friend Poet, Jade, could have come up with a little more 'ompf'. 

Maybe not this much ompf

Much better, Coco. Smize!

The notes are strangely not tears of the eliminated, hair-spray, desperation, bitch absolute and essence of Nigel's head wax, but the less original red currant, honeydew, freesia, Amazon lily, plum blossom, peony, blondewood (sic), vanilla, pink sugar and musk.

While I'm not smizing H2T about the notes, I know I won't be able to resist anything ANTM (yes I bought Tyra's novel. I'm so sorry, brain) and will at least get the roller-ball of this to sniff, then promptly offload onto my 6 year old cousin.

Available from January in US Target, 30ml EDT US$21.99 or size unconfirmed roller-ball, US$12.99.

* One of the best things about ANTM is the amazing gifs it produces. Rich of fourfour made the ones used in these post, and you should go read his ANTM recaps right now.

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