Bottega Veneta - fragrance review

8:39 AM

That's not Natalie Portman, but Nine d'Urso, daughter of Inès de la Fressange

When I first heard that Italian brand Bottega Veneta, known for their crazy-soft leather products (there are some bad, unprintable lest the feds show up at my door bad things I would do to get my grubby hands on one of their classic purses) was side-stepping into perfume production, I wasn't pleased. Do we really need another overerly sweet, fruity,musk and vague white flowers mash up in the already overloaded market. Although the licencee Coty has previously produced some lovely scents for other brands, the market often plays for the masses, and the heritage and luxury of a brand such as Bottega Veneta could get lost somewhere beneath the frothiness of the eager to please PR and spin.

Although I'm not super omg unicorn rainbows stoked about every house having its own signature scent, I was pleasantly surprised by Bottega Veneta's effort. 

Starting off with a bright flourish of sweet-spicy jasmine. It is sweet, but veers away from the pink sugar and lollies of its peers, with more of a toasted maple note. The middle notes lose that pepperiness (which is quite slight anyway, not a Marc Jacobs Bang assault) and drifts into a v soft leather, more of a fuzzy suede than an hard patent or a oiled and worn boot. This leather is more like a kid glove, still wrapped in a pale tissue paper and unworn or dirtied. If there's any patchouli here, it's lost on me. While I wouldn't expect the an earthy hippy patchouli, this one is so clean it's been stripped of  its characteristics. Good news for those who hate patchouli, but boo-urns for those who are continually disappointed by it popping up in note listings, but failing to emerge when sniffed. 

Nothing too radical as it unfolds and develops, staying similar throughout the dry down and lasting maybe six hours on my wrist and quieting down to a pale dry hay murmur. Silage in quite strong, reaching across my office,but not in a loud or offensive way.

If anything, it's def a crowd pleaser, that has enough personality to avoid disappearing into the masses of celeb and fashion house fronted blahness. After spritzing the bottle that arrived at work, heads were lifted from desks and my scent loaded guinea pigs were worked over by the noses in my office.Verdict? What are you guys spraying....can I have some too?

The bottle is quietly gorgeous too, a stubby, smooth-lined flask that fits comfortably in your palm. The soft nude leather neck tie and clear glass won't cause any upsets in your perfume cupboard pecking order.

While the price point is likely to keep me from nabbing my own bottle, I'd be more than happy to recommend it to anyone looking for a modern day scent with a solid formulation, that is quietly elegant and won't offend and is backed by a classic name. Another plus? The guys love it. It's like dude-nip. I had to pinch my boyfriend from nuzzling my neck on the way home, and I swear there was an audible inhale when I hopped into the elevator with a crowd of government suits.

Coty Prestige lists the notes as oak moss, Brazilian pink peppercorns, Indian jasmine sambac, Indian patchouli and Italian bergamot. The Extrait de Parfum, housed in the Murano glass bottle goes for a hefty US$395, with the eau de parfum from a more modest US$95.

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