A'kin Pure Alchemy Cellular Radiance Serum

4:44 PM

I've been loving rosehip oil as a ultra rich face serum as a fix for my dry, tight skin for a few years now. I've made my way through a few different brands from Trilogy to the generic one for a local health store. So far my favourite has been REN's Rose O12 Moisture Defence serum, despite its exxy price tag, it's consistently left me glowing. I'm still happy to look around for a less pricey alternative though,and A'kin Pure Alchemy Cellular Radiance Serum may just be the one. Rosehip oil tops the list of largely organic or Australian ingredients. A few other of my skin favourites follow, including macadamia, olive, jojaba and sunflower oils, along with extracts of pomegranate, calendula, seabuckthorn and chamomile extracts. I've previously used A'kin's plain rosehip oil with decent results, so was hoping this formula would amp up the moisture to help my dry skin recover from a rough winter.

I love the eye dropper style bottle as it prevents me getting my dirty mitts in the formula, and is also safer to travel with when compared to a more volatile pump bottle which more often than not unlock and goo-ify my toiletries case.

The serum is a dark amber honey colour and smells like a rose oil - a moist floral, not the powder granny smell you get with some rose perfumes. 

It's sooooo runny that it started running along my life line

I use about 3-4 drops on my face and neck, and rub any residue into my cuticles, before popping my night creme on top. It's quite rich and takes a little while to soak in, leaving my face a little shiny, so I stick to before bedtime usage rather than morning to prevent make up slippage.

I've been using the serum for about two weeks now and find that it tops up my skin's moisture levels and leaves it feeling smooth and refreshed for the next morning. No breakouts so far, which can sometimes be an issue with oils mixes, which is a massive relief.

Rosehip oil is also fab for fixing dry flyaways. I warm a teeny drop in my palm before smoothing over the mid-lengths and tips of my hair.

I bought this bottle from an office beauty sale for a few bucks, but A'kin products are widely available in Aus. I've previously seen them in David Jones, Priceline and smaller chemists.

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