Tom Ford Private Blend Santal Blush - fragrance review

12:28 PM

I snagged a sample vial of Santal Blush online, and was so excited to sniff it that I spritzed some on the bus, No complaints from the other riders, Santal Blush is approachable and cuddly,with a hint of something a little more exotic. 

As with all Tom Ford scents, the bottle is classically gorgeous, crafted from a clear glass with a warm gold coloured name plate. The juice is a delicate peach shade and would be a fab addition to perfume cupboards from a purely aesthetic view.

This baby is a creamy sandalwood all the way through. Opening with a warm blast of its namesake SB settles into a husky softness, with sweaty cumin and a nip of cinnamon keeping it interesting. Like other Tom Ford (Azure Lime springs to mind) Santal Blush is quite lineal. The slightly dirty cumin which may turn off some noses fades and gives way to the sandalwood,which deepens in to a smooth and polished woody base note after about twenty minutes of wear. Musk comes in, with an indistinct fruitiness clinging alongside. The jasmine is just there, adding a sweetness, while the rose note listed is undetectable on me but is present and powdery when sprayed on card. The carrot seed is also missing in action on me, which is sad because it was such an excellent note in Etat Libre d'Orange's Like This. On card it pops out as a shy and sweet baby carrot, one prewashed and bagged at the supermarket, rather than an earthy root freshly sprung from the farm.

There is an artificial soapy note that emerges before the dry down, but I only notice it occasionally, and on my boyfriend it disappeared completely. Proof of Tom Ford's versatility - the boyfriend loves it on himself (and he tends towards v traditional sports style fragrances too!), and finds it sexy and feminine on me. Silage is strong,but not offensive. Co-workers passing my desk stopped to inhale and ask what I was wearing, and if I could spare a spritz. I'll hang on to it for the days I need a little warmth to my formal meeting garb, or to sex up jeans and heels without going full on hussy mode.

Flanked by the new Tom Ford colour collection

Def more of a cooler month scent as the toasted wood could become too overbearing in summer. However, I'd pick something a bit headier for winter nights, maybe along of the lines of Frederic Malle's Carnal Flower and its hungry tuberose.

Last impressions? A very wearable warm sandalwood, enlivened by a fairly clean cumin and sweet cinnamon. Like all Tom Ford Private Blend scents, it carries a hefty price tag, but is worth it if you're after a dependable and enjoyable warmer upper.

Official notes listed on the Tom Ford website are Masala spices from India,Cinnamon Bark Oil Sri Lanka ORPUR, Cumin Seed Oil, Fenugrec Absolute, Carrot Seed Oil, Jasmine Absolute, Rose Absolute, Ylang Ylang (Madagascar), Australian Sandalwood, Benzoin, Agarbois and Skin Musks. Photos are also from

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