High Tea at The Intercontinental's Café Opera.

8:33 AM

Top: Scones! Bottom, L to R: Yogurt Creme Brulee, Opera Cake, Flourless Carrot Cake, Chocolate Caramel Slice and Raspberry Macarons

It’s not even slightly beauty related, but I just had to share this. Sydney’s Intercontinental Hotel was lovely enough to invite me and a few other ladies to high tea at the rejuvenated Café Opera. I was seated next to Lee Tulloch, who is as friendly is she is fab (so very!). It was great to meet her in person, as her books have always been a fave of mine and she's a bit of an idol.

Oh my god, the high tea. I have the biggest sweet tooth possible. I would be happy to eat nothing but cakes and lollies for every, with nary a savoury passing these lips. Candy Blog and Chocolate Suze are part of my daily blog rotation, and I can’t pass a bakery without buying a tart (plus another for the road). So I pretty much started slobbering in anticipation when I saw this spread.

Scones time!

Plus the 5 other plated courses, each matched with their own tea.

 Crusts removed!

 Ok, and some savouries too, like the classic cucumber sandwiches!

One of like four kinds of choccy cake

They were kind enough to send us off with our own special loose leaf blend, and some tea making goodies. My pinky is extended forever in gratitude.

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