Australis Show Stopper Gloss Stick & Mint Condition Lip Gloss review and swatches

2:27 AM

When I was a single gal, glossy red lips were my works-every-time secret weapon. Guys would swarm adoringly, the ladies would unabashedly ask what colour I was wearing in line for the loos. Nothing boosts confidence more than a pair of rouged up, sex-pot lips and the promise their kiss mark leaves on a glass, napkin or cheek.

Now I’m all (v happily) coupled up, the red gloss doesn’t come out as often as it should. My man-friend hates the stains he gets on his lips and shirt collars (sorry babe!) and the attention a ruby pout draws is more than his ego can handle. So I’ve retired some of my old favourites, the Sisley orange red that drew compliments from none other than MAC’s Terry Barber (!!), to the classic Revlon Fire & Ice. Even my worn tube of scarlet gloss, so old that the brand has rubbed away and I can’t find it anywhere (although the shade is called ‘Glenelg’, so let me know if you’ve ever spotted it in the wild).

Despite my adherence to more subdued peaches, browns and baby pink slicks of colour, sometimes that single gal raise her slinky little head and points her freshly-manicured finger my way. And the red lips ride again.

New on my desk this week is two lip products from the v pocket friendly Australis, the ‘Mint Condition’ lip gloss in An Evening With and their ‘Show Stopper’ gloss stick, in Hoola Hoop.

Top is An Evening with, bottom is Hoola Hoop

Part of a circus/fair themed range (other shades include the v glittery Fireworks and the baby pink Fairy Floss), Hoola Hoop is a bright cherry red. The stick size is slimmer than Clinque’s range of Chubbies and appears to contain less pigment also.

While it goes on smoothly, with a thin sheen, I’d hesitate to call it a gloss. After the shine sinks in, the texture and appearance looks and acts more like a lip stain, lasting for hours (6 hours into a city stroll, beers and a pizza and ice-cream lunch by last count) with that berry-munching hue.

The colour is not as rich as it appears on the packaging, having more of a pinky-purple tint to its red than the expected fire engine scarlet. Haven't tried it yet, but I think it would be just dandy as a cheek stain too.

Pucker up, bitches

On to the lip gloss! Australis calls it a "minty gloss packed full of nature's goodness to moisturise and condition the lips. Nourishing vitamin rich Guava and Kakadu Plum extracts, Shea Butter and Beeswax for extra moisture and mint and cinnamon leaf oils for a deliciously fresh sensation and full pout."

Lip goodies infused with mint and cinnamon oils have been around for a while now, with both high and and supermarket brands producing them.The idea is for the oil extracts slightly irritate and sensitize lips, giving you that tingling feeling and somewhat engorging lips. The tingle in this particular gloss is quite subtle, which is how I prefer it (nothing worse than having to itch your freshly glossed lips!) and the oils are towards the bottom of the ingredients list, suggesting a low concentration.

Oh hey, girl
The red is deeper than the gloss stick's berry, and comes from a truer 'hot' red. It is quite thick, which I love, but also sticky and a tempting lure formy long hair to stick to. Unlike some other glosses around the same price point,Mint Condition stays put on my pout for far longer than I expected.

I slicked it over the stain left by the gloss stick for a more intense hue, and bundled my bad self out the door for a day of ego-stroking looks and my be-glossed and newly emboldened direction.

Yes, I'm actually the whitest person ever

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